What to Bring

  • The food does not have to be kosher

  • You should plan on feeding 30-35 people

Parts of Meal to Bring
  • Drink: Juice and milk (1 gallon of  milk at least 2% and 2 gallons of juice, lemonade or tea in any combination)

  • Salad with dressing,( ranch dressing is a favorite)

  • Bread and butter ( 3 loaves of white bread and a big tub of margarine)

  • Main dish: (suggestions) fried Chicken (many buy this and three 20 piece boxes is more than ample) lasagna (2 to 3 trays depending how full for each of the following) hot dog and beans, tuna casserole or any casserole that has protein in it, meatballs in sauce, hot dogs, chicken pot pie, meat loaf, beef stew,chili.

  • Side dish: (suggestions) usually one to two large trays, mixed vegetables, roasted vegetables, rice, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, pasta salad, rice and beans.

  • Desert: (suggestions) two cakes, or cookies, ice cream, fruit.

Important Information